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Filming in Europe

Side by Side: Europe

The first Korean children adopted to Europe began arriving in the 1960s to countries like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, ...

Filming in the US

Side by Side: United States

The pace of Side by Side picked up in early 2014 with filming in eight cities across the United States. On our own turf, we were ...

Filming in Korea

Side by Side: South Korea

By June 2013, the concept for Side by Side had taken shape. We knew we wanted to explore the personal stories of those who had been ...

Telling stories that entertain

A special genre of entrepreneur made their way to our digital content series. The artists. Those whose work is best experienced through sight and sound. We heard from songwriters, composers, painters, photographers, videographers, and performers who rely on digital platforms and social media for ...

Telling stories that inform

One of the game-changing aspects of social media is the opportunity for real commerce. Ideas and passions combined with social tools can create properties with meaning and monetary value. These three entrepreneurs use their skills to educate and inform. Their stories are part of our series, The ...

Telling stories that help

As submissions rolled in for our series on digital content, we started to sense how unique these stories would be. What motivated people to create blogs or films or art to share through social media ranged from the practical to the personal. Sometimes very personal. These stories from Jessica ...

The Distillers

There are people in this series you will want to meet. The Distillers are visionaries, craftsmen, artisans, evangelists, and mad scientists. They labor in farm houses and barns, warehouses and garages, empty offices and storage closets, steel buildings, and sheds making some of the best spirits in the ...