Car lovers

For several years, Elastic Lab produced web content for Comcast’s automotive website, Vehix. We were responsible for all aspects of production from concept development through completion.

This episode is from one of our first series for Vehix, called Meet My Car, that put real consumers on camera to review the popular car or truck they owned. Elastic Lab filmmakers were invited to recruit enthusiastic friends and family to participate, and a very cool thing happened when those in front of and behind the camera knew each other. We got a generous, lighthearted look at buying decisions (both practical and emotional), found out how each car really handled, and which features mattered over time. We produced 25 episodes based on the 25 top-researched cars and trucks on the Vehix site.

Two other concepts also relied on our filmmakers and their interesting friends. Love My Ride took a look inside the world of serious car enthusiasts. Five episodes were created for this series based on cruisers and muscle cars, MINI Coopers and the skilled drivers who love them, the rush of Porsche Autocross (with a lipstick cam riding shotgun), and classic car restoration.

A more free-form series evolved from our call for Everyday Advice. We asked participants to share their best non-technical advice with other drivers, preferably through demonstration, on topics like traveling with kids and pets, teaching teens to drive, cool accessories for your garage, car detailing, and parallel parking. Episodes were unique and often humorous. Several included multiple voices offering their insight and opinions. It was a successful experiment in sharing the creative process with our filming teams. Less direction on our part resulted in more personal anecdotes and genuinely helpful advice. As we received footage, new cuts presented themselves, expanding the series to 12 episodes.

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