Bring the Riding to the People

Urban mountain bike parks are a relatively new way to bring the excitement of off-road cycling to city-dwellers of all ages and skills. This is the story of three parks, in three very different communities, with one single vision. All were built using sustainable practices on underused park land by a volunteer workforce in a remarkable show of cooperation among cities, land managers, and private citizens to “bring the riding to the people.”

Municipal bike parks first appeared in 2007 through the efforts of cycling advocates and mountain bike clubs who saw underutilized public land as an answer to illegal trails and dangerous homemade jumps. Planned parks are designed, built, and maintained for safety. They revitalize and rehabilitate neglected land, ease community tensions, and provide new recreational opportunities for young riders. But the most positive impact may come from the simple act of working together to create something good. Bringing an urban bike park to life requires cooperation among diverse groups of people — city planners, advocacy groups, professional riders, neighborhood associations, local retailers, families, and legions of volunteers — who care about kids, safety, environmental stewardship, and active sports.

Elastic Lab was responsible for story development, creative direction, recruitment (crew and participants), shot assignments, pre-production, editing, and finish.

THE FULL DOCUMENTARY, Bring the Riding to the People, is available to the public on Vimeo.

Official Selection 2011: Foursite Film Festival, Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival, Estes Park Film Festival, Boston Bike Film Festival

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