Building a hyper visual brand

The Hooch Life was born of a renewed interest in classic cocktail culture. Small-batch spirits were being produced by master distillers all across America, and elegant bars serving Prohibition-era cocktails were making a comeback. Hooch was developed by a sister agency as a lifestyle brand for enthusiastic drinkers, sharing ideas on what to drink, where to drink, and how to drink. For me, personally, Hooch was a rare creative experience. I played both art director (my past professional life) and video producer (my current life) for a brand we were creating ourselves.

From the very beginning we knew The Hooch Life should fill the senses with voices, images, design, and music — as if you were in the moment, relaxing with friends, coupe in hand. We recruited a commercial photographer to shoot more than 150 cocktails, mixed and styled by us. We sought out photojournalists to capture the mood inside lush bars. The hottest bartenders in the country shared hand-crafted recipes and told us what new spirits we should be sipping. And the innovative makers who are changing the face of gin and rum and moonshine and whiskey welcomed us into their distilleries to film our video series, The Distillers. It was a fantastic experiment in enjoying life.

The Hooch Life is no longer publishing, but our archives are still online. It’s a great repository of stories, profiles, reviews, and recipes. Cheers!

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