Side by Side
Filming in Europe

Side by Side: Europe

The first Korean children adopted to Europe began arriving in the 1960s to countries like Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, and Germany. In planning a European trip, Glenn again recruited via social media, exchanging lengthy emails with everyone who was interested. He reached out to leaders of the adoptee ...

Filming in the US

Side by Side: United States

The pace of Side by Side picked up in early 2014 with filming in eight cities across the United States. On our own turf, we were comfortable acting as producer, director, and crew. We booked studios and ordered what little equipment was needed — mainly lights and electrical. We carried our camera, tripods, mic, recorder, ...

Filming in Korea

Side by Side: South Korea

By June 2013, the concept for Side by Side had taken shape. We knew we wanted to explore the personal stories of those who had been homeless children in South Korea from the 1950s forward. Some of these children had been adopted to homes far away, first to the U.S. and later to Europe, Australia, South America, and elsewhere. ...


Side by Side: How the idea began

In May 2013, Glenn and I traveled to Seoul, South Korea. Glenn was born in Seoul in 1960 and adopted by a family in Littleton, Colorado. We've taken this trip several times before for pleasure, but this time we would also be directing an English-language interview with Dr. Cho Byung-Kuk, a retired physician who spent nearly ...