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Short stories about bike parks

When we started our film on bike parks, we intended to document a single park as it was being built in Denver. But dealings got complicated between the city, neighborhoods, cyclists, and sponsors. The build was delayed, then put on hold indefinitely. As winter approached, the International Mountain ...

Road Trips: Automotive Playgrounds

When it comes to cars, there are those who look for more than a nice drive in the country. They are the thrill-seekers who love speed, mud, rocks, and ice. As part of our Road Trip series, we asked our filmmakers to help us find some unique places to experience driving adventures. There are great ...

Road Trips: Dinner Drives

If we Americans like to drive, we REALLY like to eat. Our Dinner Drives are the best of both worlds — armchair guides to the kind of regional foods and local establishments you might encounter on a cross-country road trip. With an emphasis on entertainment, our hosts give viewers a perspective on ...

Honda 7 Day Test Drive

In 2009, The Morey Group and Elastic Lab were asked to conceptualize and produce a web series for American Honda Motor Company that would engage young consumers with Honda's new models. The Honda 7 Day Test Drive provided cars to three lucky San Francisco drivers for one week in exchange for their ...

Car lovers

For several years, Elastic Lab produced web content for Comcast's automotive website, Vehix. We were responsible for all aspects of production from concept development through completion. This episode is from one of our first series for Vehix, called Meet My Car, that put real consumers on camera to ...