Road Trips: Automotive Playgrounds

When it comes to cars, there are those who look for more than a nice drive in the country. They are the thrill-seekers who love speed, mud, rocks, and ice. As part of our Road Trip series, we asked our filmmakers to help us find some unique places to experience driving adventures. There are great tracks around the country where novice racers can try their hand at precision racing, there are salt flats built for speed, and there are the always-crazy demolition derbies. What Carl Millender and Chastity Frye brought us was something altogether different.

River Rock ORV park in Milledgeville, Georgia is considered one of the toughest Off Road Vehicle (ORV) courses in the country attracting drivers looking for an extreme 4-wheeling play day of water crossings, thick mud, boulder fields, broken axles, and good dirty fun.

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