Road Trips: Dinner Drives

If we Americans like to drive, we REALLY like to eat. Our Dinner Drives are the best of both worlds — armchair guides to the kind of regional foods and local establishments you might encounter on a cross-country road trip. With an emphasis on entertainment, our hosts give viewers a perspective on roads, culinary tastes, and local culture across the U.S.

Start with a trip up California’s Topanga Canyon to Abuelita’s Cocina for Carne Asada with Steve Yager and Dana DeRuyck. Drive the Texas coast from Corpus Christie to Port Aransas with Pablo Schmitt and Steve O’Malley for Sautéed Red Snapper with Brown Butter Sage Sauce at Shells Pasta & Seafood. End with a swing through Bulldog country to the iconic Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia with James Hedrick and Crystal Huau. Best be ready when they call out “What’ll ya have?, What’ll ya have?”

My only regret is that we weren’t able to take on all the great suggestions we received. Juicy Dumplings; Hangtown Fry; Ambrosia Burgers; Indian street food; redfish, shrimp and oysters with a big lump of fresh crab; ribs and Que Wraps (BBQ pork wrapped in bite size dough and fried crisp and golden!); Alligator Bites; fried chicken…you get the idea.

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Shells Pasta & Seafood

The Varsity

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