Telling stories that entertain

A special genre of entrepreneur made their way to our digital content series. The artists. Those whose work is best experienced through sight and sound. We heard from songwriters, composers, painters, photographers, videographers, and performers who rely on digital platforms and social media for all or part of their business models. Meet three:

Frank Thompson is a professional drum circle facilitator and founder of AZ Rhythm Connection. Brad Christian is Founder and CEO of The Ellusionist, an online training environment for magic tricks. Nate Dern is a writer, comedian, actor, documentary filmmaker, and doctoral candidate in sociology at Columbia University.

There are 44 stories in this series. I learn something every time I browse through them, and am humbled that so many were willing to share their time and talent with us both in front of and behind the camera.

View the entire series here.

They’re sick of the hype

Make something that has some sort of truth

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