The Culture of Content Creation

When we started Elastic Lab in 2007, social media was exploding, creating a wave of grassroots influencers. One of our goals from the outset was to put real people on camera to share their opinions and expertise with consumers. This was a departure, to say the least, from the tightly controlled commercial productions we were used to. As we recruited videographers for our network, it became clear that most of them were already active in social media and developing their own audiences through blogs, podcasts, books, how-to’s, and independent films. And that within their audiences were the authentic voices we were looking for, people willing to provide a personal perspective rarely found in the commercial world.

Elastic Lab developed a small introductory project as a way to get to know new filmmakers. The assignment was to film an interview with one person who created their own digital content to share online. We asked why they did it, what they found rewarding, and how they viewed their role in the world. What we came to understand was more significant; their sense of community, of integrity, of artistry, and of humanity. Over four years, more than 60 interviews became 44 episodes in a series called The Culture of Content Creation. A few early digital creators share their thoughts on this page.

What makes this series creatively unique, in my mind, are 1) the filmmakers — who include not just pros but film students and amateur videographers, and 2) the interesting individuals they recruited to tell their stories. Elastic Lab provided one-on-one creative direction and education as needed, detailed shooting assignments, editing, music, and graphics.

View the entire series here.

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