The Distillers

There are people in this series you will want to meet. The Distillers are visionaries, craftsmen, artisans, evangelists, and mad scientists. They labor in farm houses and barns, warehouses and garages, empty offices and storage closets, steel buildings, and sheds making some of the best spirits in the world. Right here in America. Sourcing, producing and selling locally, they’re often unknown in the next state, or even the next town. So consider this your peek inside an honest-to-god, American subculture.

Elastic Lab developed and produced 12 web episodes set in craft distilleries around the country. The series was filmed in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. We recruited distillers and crew, provided creative direction, story structure, shot assignments, and pre-production. Our filmmakers were selected for both their expertise behind the camera and their editing skills through rough cut. Elastic Lab finished each episode in-house with color, sound mix, music, and graphics.

View the entire series here. Let us whet your appetite:

The Distillers: Hudson Whiskey

The Distillers: Dry Fly Distilling

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